Tips for the amazing AliExpress flash deals system

Using the AliExpress flash deals page to its full potential is a sure way to get amazing products you might’ve never found otherwise for a great price.

Let’s start with the basics of AliExpress flash deals..


What are “AliExpress flash deals” and how do I get there?

Flash deals are a huge assortment of products that are available for a great price. But here’s the catch: Flash deals only last a few hours and there’s limited stock on all items. Here’s an example:

This product is on sale for a whopping 50% of the original price! Rightfully so, 70% of this product’s stock has already been claimed.

So.. how do we make sure we’re in on these fantastic deals before they fade away or are out of stock?


Make sure you check the upcoming deals

You can check all upcoming deals by pressing the “New deals” timeslot option on the AliExpress flash deals page. Example:

Displaying the AliExpress flash deals timeslots

Doing this you can take your time viewing and sorting all the deals before they go on sale. There’s even a nifty countdown timer that tells you exactly how many hours/minutes until the new deals go on sale!

That brings us to our second point..


Go in with a plan

Don’t plan ahead and you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the deals and end up not knowing what to buy!

As we’ve stated, check the upcoming deals and plan ahead. Ask yourself what you need to buy. Maybe you need a few new kitchen pans? How about that new pair of pants?

Combine your planning with our next tip to go on the ultimate shopping spree.


Use the “categories” function

Once you know exactly what to buy in the upcoming Flash Deals, make sure you use the categories to sort through all the deals and work through your checklist.

You’ll find the Categories tab to the right of the deals page:

Displaying the AliExpress flash deals categories sorting option

It doesn’t just sort all deals by category but also displays whether they are currently on sale or upcoming. Simple, yet effective!


What to do when you accidentally missed a deal you really wanted

So you missed the deal you really wanted and to make matters worse you can’t recall the name of the product? Not to worry! Using the “Previous deals” option you can view all deals that have expired.

We definitely recommend you check that section out and click on some of the products. You’ll find that even though they are no longer part of the Flash Deal a lot of the products still retain great discounts!


We hope these tips have given you some inspiration on how to tackle the upcoming deals.

May the powers of shopping be ever with you!


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