Who are you?

We are just a few big fans of AliExpress and the incredible amount of cool and interesting products they make available for everyone around the world.

We enjoy browsing AliExpress for new and fun gadgets. Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of available products it can sometimes be hard to find the “hidden gems” of AliExpress.

We strive to make these hidden gems available for everyone on Ali’s Life!

What kind of products will I find on this website?

You’ll find any products we have personally bought from AliExpress and/or are a fan of.

Obviously we do our best to vouch for the quality of the products and to make sure your purchase is fully what you expected.

Can I request a review for a specific product?

Yes you can! Please contact us through the contact form specifying the product you’d like us to review.

Are you being paid to positively advertise/review these products?

No, we keep it real when it comes to the products we recommend (or don’t recommend).

If there’s a product we really like but there’s a big downside to it, you’ll hear that from us too!

Am I buying these products from you?

No. If you decide to follow the purchase link and purchase any of the listed products you are buying this product from a seller on AliExpress.

We recommend you contact the seller directly regarding any questions you might have! And don’t forget to leave the seller a positive review if you’re happy with the product!

How often is the list of products updated?

We don’t update at any specific date/time. Whenever there’s a new interesting product on AliExpress we make sure it pops up on alislife as soon as possible, so check back often!

I'm having an issue with your website, what do I do?

We’re very sorry to hear that! Please hit us up using the contact form or by sending an E-mail to info@alislife.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I have a different question

No worries! Please contact us using our contact form.