Free AliExpress products using “freebies”!

Did you know you can apply for two free AliExpress products per day? These are called “freebies” and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to join in on the action and potentially score some goodies that could otherwise cost you quite a bit of money!


Start out by downloading the AliExpress app for your smartphone

You can download the AliExpress app on both your iOS device using the Apple app store or on your Android device by accessing the Google Play Store.


Before continuing, make sure you have a registered account at AliExpress. (Don’t have one yet? No problem! Click here to register your account)


Once that’s done, open the app on your smartphone and navigate to the “My Account” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Displaying the "My Account" button in the AliExpress mobile app


Next, log in using the AliExpress account you already had or created at the previous step.


Once you’re logged in you can head back to the home page by pressing the “Home” button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Here you’ll find the “Freebies & Reviews” button which will lead you straight to all the potential free AliExpress products.

Image displaying the Freebies & Reviews button where you can get your free AliExpress products


Pick a product you’d like to apply to and press the green “Apply for free” button at the bottom of the screen. After a few instructions you’ll be in the race to win a free Aliexpress product, fingers crossed!


What to do after you’ve won any free AliExpress products

First off – congratulations! We hope you enjoy the product.

Don’t forget to write a comprehensive review of the article for the seller. After all, they were courteous enough to supply you with a free product!


After you’ve left your review please do let us know what articles you’ve applied for in the comment section below. We might want to purchase the same item for ourselves!


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