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Shipping boat image to depict AliExpress shipping

Tip: Save money and shipping time on AliExpress

There is a way to save both money and shipping time on AliExpress. When you order from AliExpress chances are it is from outside of Europe. If you order something from outside of your continent this could have financial consequences. Most European countries require you to pay import duty when importing products ...

Image of a laptop browsing the AliExpress flash deals page

Tips for the amazing AliExpress flash deals system

Using the AliExpress flash deals page to its full potential is a sure way to get amazing products you might've never found otherwise for a great price. Let's start with the basics of AliExpress flash deals..   What are "AliExpress flash deals" and how do I get there? Flash deals are a huge assortment of ...

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Free AliExpress products using “freebies”!

Did you know you can apply for two free AliExpress products per day? These are called "freebies" and it doesn't take a lot of effort to join in on the action and potentially score some goodies that could otherwise cost you quite a bit of money!   Start out by downloading the AliExpress app for your smartphone ...