Tip: Save money and shipping time on AliExpress

There is a way to save both money and shipping time on AliExpress. When you order from AliExpress chances are it is from outside of Europe. If you order something from outside of your continent this could have financial consequences.

Most European countries require you to pay import duty when importing products from outside of Europe.

Customs will judge whether you are liable for import duty. Suddenly that bargain military grade drone isn’t so cheap anymore because you have to pay half the cost of it in taxes.

Note that the amount of import duty varies per country. Always check the rates if you want to have something shipped from outside of your continent.

Suppliers have not been idling over this. In fact an increasing number of suppliers now offer the option to ship an item from Europe.

When you search for the goods you want there is a filter option ‘Ship from’. With this option you can filter all products that can be shipped from the selected country. There will be no additional import duty when shipping between European countries!

And you will not only save money this way. Shipping times are often lower aswell.

When ordering from Europe check the options in ‘Ship from’ to save both time and money.


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